Today : Friday, 28 February 2020
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head manager


“In the name of God”


Thanks God for giving us all the best to serve the satisfaction of the people, the applicant’s and electricity subscribers of Golestan province

Hopefully, due to our efforts, we will continue to work with our good colleagues for the days ahead with creativity, hard work, integrity and intimacy

As I mentioned in this report, as a managing director of the electric distribution company of Golestan province, the realization of a resilient economy in the electric power industry and a reduction in electricity losses below 10% which save the environment and billions of tomans of economic saving in one of our most important programs that will be in the Golestan electricity distribution company reverence and client satisfaction, more attention is paid to the engineering of electricity distribution networks, and the accumulation of low pressure networks and the expansion of medium range of networks using self-continued cables are our programs in the new year

And after that, the aim is to read the remote meters, getting timely demands, reduce wanted and unwanted silence, use of private sector investment, colleagues personality protecting and paying attention to the welfare and motivation of staffs, compilation of a comprehensive infrastructure document, and transmission and over distribution network and rendering services subscribers and the elimination of danger centers of culture and awareness of applicants and subscribers will be our headlines in the following year

I hope we can take further steps in the light of the guidance of Allah almighty and in the light of holy Mahdi’s attention towards the accomplishment of the supreme leader


Managing director and director of board directors

Ali Akbar Nasiri

Electricity Distribution Company of Golestan province

Electricity Distribution Company of Golestan province

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